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The Wide World of Design: What are Houses Going to Look Like In a Few Years?

House designs come and go, so how do these predictions stack up? According to Zillow’s blog, the predictions call for small, in line with tightening up the belt of one’s budget. Plus, less space means less maintenance. According to a statistic, designers expect new single-family homes to shrink by almost 350 square feet.

The smaller space also is said to help with interior decorating and creating a better flow. The other more surprising find is that living rooms may be out of fashion, which would account for a good portion of floor plan to go. Designers and planners think the space will go to other rooms or become a multi-purpose space.

Just so long as New Englanders can hold on to our mudrooms, all should be well.

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To see the rest of the findings, check it out here.

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