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The Bryant On The Auction Block

This is an opportunity that South End seekers should not pass up! It was leaked to the Boston Herald today that the Bryant at 303 Columbus has been put up for auction. The date of the auction is unknown, however, people interested should contact Bushari Group Real Estate. We  will pass along all the information as soon as dates are scheduled.

The Bryant - South End Luxury Development

The Bryant - South End Luxury Development

One thought on “The Bryant On The Auction Block

  1. Diana Gibbons says:

    Does anyone think The Clarendon will eventually follow suit? They are also still pursuing asking price offers only. Less than half of their 107 units have sold.

  2. Boston’s South End is such an amazing neighborhood! I was up there a few weeks ago and had a fantastic time.

  3. Brandon, LOVE YOUR SITE!

    Yes, the South End has it’s own unique style and has definitely defined itself as THE trendy neighborhood of Boston. The food is spectacular and the people extremely friendly. It’s an infusion of chic with the classic Boston charm. The Auction will be next weekend, so if you’re looking for a great deal, this is your place!

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