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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winter’s back with a frosty bite! Have you prepared your home yet for the blizzards to be? Whether this is your first winter in New England or just another season for you, it’s a good idea to winterize your home. By preparing your home for the cold, you can avoid most maintence issues that spring up in the dead of winter.


1. Have your furnance inspected, cleaned, and maintanced if needed. Try to keep away any belongings to avoid a potential fire hazard.

2. If you have a fireplace, make sure to keep it closed when not in use to avoid pests and losing heat. Have it cleaned if needed. Be sure to store any firewood away from the outside of the house and keep it in a dry area.

3. Check the gutters and roof of your home. Insulate the attic in order to avoid ice dams, and make sure the gutters are clear of debris.

4. Check exteriors, doors, and windows and fix any cracks or damaged parts that could let in cold air or snow.

5. Rake away any debris and seal any cracks you find. No need to pick up any pests this winter. Check with an exterminator if you think you find an infestation.

6. In case of pipe freeze, know where your water main is located in order to shut it off for an emergency. Insulate any exposed pipes to prevent a burst.

7. Install a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, and a fire extinguisher.

8. Move any sensitive plants indoors and trim tree banches away from your home and power lines.

9. Prepare an emergency kit of flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, and a dry food supply in case of a power outage.

10. Make sure you have a good supply of snow salt and shovels.

Keep your home (and your family) nice and warm with these helpful tips.


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Tis the Season to Keep Your Home on the Market

Decorating the Christmas tree, checking your shopping list, and bracing for relatives may be part of your Yuletide rituals, but what if you were in the middle of selling your home? Should you save yourself the stress and hassle of making your home “show worthy” if relatives are over? As tempting as that may sound, successful Realtor Jennie Ling advises against giving up on seasonal shoppers.

As she tells “Realty Times,” shoppers trudging through winter weather and the same hectic holidays are often more intent on buying than browsing. Plus, home-seeking couples will be able to take off time from work to make a decision quicker and see the property together. Potential buyers who have passed the busier spring and summer season tend to be a discerning batch and may be more likely to find their home sooner rather than later. Plus, the upside to all the home decorations is that it may appeal to home buyers to see the home dressed up for the holidays. It’s a lived-in feel that most show-ready homes may lack. But what about the stress, the hassle of showing a home during the holidays? Ling advises to trust your Realtor. Do a quick five minute clean-up in the morning and your Realtor will handle the showings while you’re out working or shopping. They’ll handle the work your can’t possibly squeeze into your schedule.

And remember, just because you sign a contract, it doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to move the next day. Many families want to settle in before the new semester or by spring break, so your time frame may differ. It may take 60 to 90 days after the closing before moving time, well away from the holiday season.

So this holiday season, keep an open mind and an open home. You never know what kind of gift you’ll get when you work with your Realtor to sell your home.

If you are interested in selling your home, let us know! We’ll be more than happy to help  you. The rest of the article can be found at “Realty Times.”