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Download Our 2015 Boston Real Estate Annual Market Report


2015 was a game-changing year in Boston real estate. We saw the continued development of Downtown and the Seaport, while neighborhoods like Somerville and Dorchester saw their prices reach new levels. One thing is for sure, Boston is hotter than ever and that trend is expected to continue throughout 2016. If you’re a home-owner curious about the value of your home or someone looking to make a move to the city,  our 2015 Boston Real Estate Annual Market Report will be a valuable resource to you. Broken down by neighborhood, this report will paint a vivid picture of the city’s current market conditions.


download your free report


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Take a Deeper Dive into Boston’s Pools with Our Free ebook


The dog days of August are upon us and, even though Labor Day is just a few weeks away, the summer isn’t quite over. In fact, Boston is experiencing another hot weekend and people all over the city are looking for ways to beat the heat. A little bit of research revealed that there was no comprehensive list of Boston’s residential pools available to the public. So, to make your search a little easier we have compiled The 2015 Bushari Guide – The Residential Pools of Boston, a free ebook now available for download.

Boasting the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of Boston properties where you can live and swim, the book provides full-color photos and descriptions of each pool, as well as the amenities and services available at each. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a home in the city, our ebook will give you the scoop on the hottest properties to cool off.


download your free copy

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Massachusetts Home Prices Increase Almost 14 Percent in April

House ValueThe Massachusetts real estate market is changing, and changing quickly. According to a study released today by the Warren Group, a Boston firm that tracks local real estate trends, the median price of single-family homes in Massachusetts in April 2013 shows an almost 14 percent jump over April of last year, and an 11 percent increase from January through April for the same periods. While the median price of a single-family home shot up to $313,000, the median price of a condo increased about 1 percent from April last year, coming in at $280,000.

Although the actual number of sales has increased year over year, tight inventory is quickly pushing prices higher. The number of single-family homes for sale dropped 27.1 percent in April compared to last year, and condo inventory fell 32.4 percent during the same time period, according to the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS.

If you are interested in learning more about how to capitalize on the current Boston Real Estate Market please contact Bushari Group Real Estate today. Search Boston Homes, Boston Condos and Boston Luxury Apartments at

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Quick Tips to Hurricane Proof Your Home

Prevent Hurricane Damage With these Tips

So far 2012 has brought us an unseasonably warm winter, a rainy Spring, a delightfully hot  Summer, and a rather unpredictable Fall. Global warming is proving to us that weather patterns are a bit more erratic now and serious storms are occurring more frequently. Living along the East Coast here in Boston we have just witnessed the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Many New Englanders relocated to higher grounds as the voracious storm is predicted to produce damaging winds and floods. Many of us Bostonians were planning for the hurricane only a few days in advance in the best way we knew how, once made aware that we’d been faced with imminent danger. It seems we are really only truly concerned once faced with the potential gravity of the situation. Now would be a great opportunity to plan ahead so we can take the appropriate steps to get educated on some preventative measures for future severe weather. Let’s take a look at some tips to hurricane proof your home.


Trees: Don’t overlook what may be your favorite part of your property: The yard. Lush greenery is very essential to many people’s homes. One thing you can do to protect yourself from massive damage is to do a survey of the trees surrounding your home. Look for trees that are: Leaning to one side, could benefit from a good trimming  in case of severe winds, are in contact with power lines, hanging over the house, have insect infestations, or have mushrooms growing from the bark. You want to check for these things because it is important your trees are in the best and sturdiest condition possible. If it is likely the trees are susceptible to collapse, your home will  be in much greater danger.


Support Your Windows: It is entirely possible to have stylishly elegant AND protective windows. Consider installing impact resistant windows, which are warranted against corrosion for the life of the products and protects against forced entry, unwanted noise and  as the name clearly implies, resists impact. A great deal of damage comes from the failure of windows and doors. Houses can often collapse from pressure on your roof and walls due to breached windows. Since Boston doesn’t  see a great deal of  damaging weather, storm shutters are a great investment, provided you install them correctly. And while we are on the topic of reinforcing your windows (and doors), don’t think that using your body to brace the windows/doors in your house will help you prevent further damage. That only puts yourself in harm’s way by making yourself susceptible to dirt, debris, and harmful materials that might come your way.


Reinforce Your Roof: We’ve all seen pictures and videos of devastating destruction from natural disasters. You’ve seen the roof tops just get blown off completely by serious winds, leaving the rest of the home exposed and bare. To prevent roof damage, go to your local hardware store for a specially formulated weatherproof-grade construction adhesive that has a reputable rating like APA AFG-01 ASTM D 3498. Use this on the underside of your roof where the roof meets the support beams.


  • Bring all non-not permanent fixtures  that could potentially float outside, inside your home (Think: garbage cans, outdoor furniture, etc)
  • If you already have them, close your storm shutters.
  • Have a portable generator  (only to be used outdoors) ready if you are experiencing a power loss
  • Have a supply of the following items: non-perishable food items that are simple to prepare (make sure to include plenty of water), batteries, medication, extra cash, cellphone with chargers, blankets battery powered radio, first-aid kit and multi-purpose tools
  • Make sure to turn off propane gas supplies.

Even though it may seem like quite an expense to take these preventative measures ahead of time, it is well worth investing in hurricane-proofing your home. Taking such measures increases your home’s (or business’) value, protects you and your family from less damage, results in filing fewer and lower insurance claims, and allows you to get back to life as usual quicker. As the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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How Much is Your Home Really Worth?

Having trouble figuring out what an appropriate listing price should be for your home? How do you know how much your home is REALLY worth? You put so much work in to itand it holds so many fond memories. Sadly, you will have to take yourself out the equation for a moment because it’s really the market decides how much a home is worth. So take a moment and a step back when you read this before putting Post-It price tags on everything in your home to calculate a total sum.

Based on a survey, 76% of homeowners feel their home is worth a few more pretty pennies than what the listing price is. The thing about that is that it’s really the  homebuyers who are the one’s who really have a better handle on the market as oppose to the sellers. Buyers are doing a lot of the field work. They’re out there looking on the regular. They’re making offers and they have a general ideal of what the inventory (for their specific needs at least) is.

The real estate market is basically dictated by how much money people are willing to spend on a home. Obviously that doesn’t always directly correspond to what you as the homeowner thinks the home is worth. It’s not unusual if homeowners get sentimental and show feeling towards their living space. When you spend good quality time in your home and have fond memories of the time you may have spent with friends and family, it’s no wonder one would probably think the home is worth more than the listing price.

Are you curious as to when the best time is to sell your home? The first few weeks after the property is listed are the most crucial. Buyers are just sitting there waiting with anticipation for the perfect home so they can snatch it up and snag it for themselves. Similar to how renters sit there refreshing the the screen for places on Craigslist. When you’re dying to find the right home, you’ll sit there all night because god forbid you go to sleep for five minutes and poo poo an opportunity to find the perfect home.

waiting for a great new housing lead on Craigslist can be like waiting for your water to boil….without the heat.

In order to really grab the attention of homebuyers, you need to make sure that your home is priced according to the current market. No one wants to feel like they’ve been had and that they’re paying everything just short of a first born for a property that isn’t priced where it should be.

In some states housing prices are still falling, and those looking to buy don’t want to end up being made to look the fool by paying more than the determined market worth. In a city like Boston where there currently are strong sales, you will definitely see multiple offers on homes, especially since the inventory isn’t nearly as high as the demand. The multiple offer situation can be a stressful one and can even cause some to back down entirely. Mostly though, people are willing to tough it out until the bitter end and fight for what they really want.

In order to assist you with understand listing prices, it is important to understand how the market works and how these prices get determined. Detailed research and market reports are conducted to examine general trends and outliers (New Q2 Market report coming soon).

If you are selling your home, don’t inflate your asking price to something you feel would be far more appropriate just because of your sentimental attachment to it. If the demand is there, you are sure to get plenty of offers, and quite possibly receive the price you are looking for through the offer process. The market will certainly help you understand where and how your home fits into this real estate puzzle. If however the market suggests that value of your home is depreciating, sometimes it makes more sense to chose a lower price point that will help create more buzz among potential buyers. Either way, you can create a win win situation for yourself, you just have to play smart.

Don’t forget that if you’re unsure of how to go about this whole process, we’ve got plenty of exceptional and experienced real estate professionals for you to choose from. They know the Boston areas, have studied these market reports and can help create the ultimate winning strategy. We’ll help spell it out for you whether you’re buying or selling.

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Just Listed: 59 Edward Street in Watertown

Located six miles northwest of Boston sits Watertown, Massachusetts. The city continues to become more and more appealing as a desirable alternative to living in more popular cities like Cambridge, Brookline, and Boston Proper because of it’s living costs, proximity to public transit, and surrounding beauty.

At 59 Edward St, you’ll have a variety of markets at your disposal. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Russo & Son’s, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Stop & Shop and Mass Farmers markets to name a few. In addition to never worrying about experiencing a food shortage, you’ll have the Colonial Shopping Mall, The Plumbing Museum (it’s actually pretty cool. Don’t let the name fool you), Gore Place Society and the Armenian Library and Museum of America all within a mile.

In this sunny and spacious 3 bedroom / 1 bathroom home you’ll be in a lovely neighborhood with a fully fenced in back yard that faces conservation land. You’ll have access to parks, wonderful restaurants and eateries. You will also be in close proximity to Watertown Square, the Mass Pike, Storrow Drive, and only 15 minutes from  the heart of Boston.

Quick Stats:

  • Price: $385,000
  • Taxes:$4932 (year 2012)
  • Size: 1176 sq ft
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • flooring: carpeted (hardwood underneath)
  • basement: Partially furnished
  • Parking: 2 off street spaces
  • Access to: parks, Watertown Square, Mass Pike
  • Area Amenities: Public tranist, shopping, tennis court, park, medical facility, bike path, conservation area, highway access, house or worship, private + public schools

For More information, contact Chris Thoman at 617-669-5847 or email

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Bushari Group Real Estate Acquires

Boston, MA, December 14, 2009Bushari Group Real Estate today announced its acquisition of the domain name for a purchase price of $215,000 from Brookline Homes and Estates, LLC. The domain was purchased by Web Marketing 2020, LLC, the exclusive website holding and design company for Bushari Group Real Estate. Other websites in the Bushari Group portfolio include, and

“In the highly competitive Boston real estate marketplace, we continually strive to provide our clients with the best exposure. This purchase will have a long-term positive effect both for our clients and our company as it is a compelling acquisition from both a strategic and financial standpoint,” says Elad Bushari, founder and owner of Bushari Group Real Estate and Web Marketing 2020, LLC.

Bushari Group Real Estate will completely reconstruct the current website on to better service its existing and future clients. The new website will have Web 2.0 search capabilities, videos and blog posts.  The website launch is planned for the first quarter of 2010.

“At Bushari Group Real Estate we are extremely excited to offer our clients next-generation web technology. Our tailored and targeted approach to internet marketing provides our sellers with optimal global exposure, and our buyers with premier viewing capabilities and market insight.”