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Stop Paying Condo Fees

There is a little know fact about South Boston real estate; you can find relatively inexpensive single-family homes minutes from downtown.  That means you can get more space for less price.  For example, there are currently 14 single-family homes for sale in South Boston ranging in price from $220k-$700k.  Most single-family homes have parking and are within walking distance of public transportation.  Single-family homes are a great option in the city especially for those who prefer not to pay an extra monthly charge on top of their already high mortgage payments.  I see a lot of people complaining about high condominium fees, and I can’t blame them.  When you add up heat, hot water, maintenance, and insurance you might be paying an extra 15-30% of your mortgage.  You will still have to pay for your own utilities and services but in a home these cost are much less.  Pooling costs for heat and hot water are meant to be for the greater good of the community, but if your usage is less than everybody else you don’t pay less.  Single-family homes allow you to take control of your own utility spending managing it with visible results that save you money in the long run.
Take for example this 3 bed 2.5 baths with 2,600sqft and a private patio, listed at $630k courtesy of Michael O Hagan of Coldwell Banker


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