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Regent Hotel backs out of Battery Wharf project in the 11th hour

The Regent Hotel has officially left the Battery Wharf project up the Charles without a paddle. The premier hotel operator and the $300m luxury hotel and residence project along Boston’s waterfront will part ways due to “philosophical differences.” The Regent’s departure will leave the Battery Wharf without an operator for it’s 150-room hotel, it will also leave them without a provider for the ultra-luxury amenities and services promised to all the home buyers who plopped down millions for a slice of “Utopia Engineered.” This comes at exactly the worst possible moment. Only 22 of the 105 condominiums offered have sold, with another 40 under-agreement. The Battery Wharf may have some issues with hesitant home buyers who will not want to close when they see they are not getting what they were promised. In addition, the development may face difficulty selling the remaining units if they don’t bring a premier hotel provider on board a.s.a.p.

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