February 21, 2012 Mara Bushari

Just when you think you have your paperwork settled and the keys to your new home, then the real work begins: packing. This hectic mess can easily be detangled in a few easy steps. So here’s a few way to pack your belonging and your worries away:
1. Sort through your belongings. The less you have to take with you, the less you have to worry. This applies especially to big items like furniture or sentimental ones like wedding dress. Take what you absolutely need in your home and either store or give away what is not necessary.
2. Give yourself time. You need to organize, you need to pack, and you need to coordinate in order to execute the move. A few boxes a day are much more easier to manage instead of packing up an entire household in a single weekend. Be sure to stock up on tape, cords, and boxes!
3. Establish a “moving station”: Any item that ends up in this area with be boxed or wrapped to get ready for the move. This way you can keep your moving supplies all in one spot and have a physical location to separate what is ready to be moved or not.
4. Be sure to label your belongings: This is an important step to help unpack for later. If you don’t label your boxes or bags, you risk losing track of it or having to open all the boxes to find something important. Plus, it would be very important to know where your delicate plates are stored and which are boxes of clothes.
5. Mark a box just for valuables: This a quick but important step in order for treasured items to make it to their new home. Any sort of banking papers, documents, records, jewelry, and other collectables should be placed in a box and carefully stuck to you at all times. These are not items you can stand to have “wonder off.” If you’re driving merely keep the box in your lap until you reach your destination. Be careful to label it inconspicuously for you, but not for anyone just passing through.
And if all else fails:
Get Professional help. If you have the budget, but not the time, feel free to hire movers who will transport your belonging without you ever having to lift a finger. This may be also beneficial if you have an entire family to move. But do keep in mind, that while very convenient, movers can cost quite a pretty penny and can vary depending on the amount of things you have to move.
Good luck on the big move!


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Mara Bushari

Mara is a creative thinker and strategic marketer. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University’s College of Communication and worked in international finance before joining The Bushari Team. Mara strives to exceed expectations. As Client Relations Specialist, she is a key facilitator in all team transactions, making the buying or selling process as stress-free as possible for the client. Mara learned many of her extraordinary organizational and problem-solving skills during her service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she earned the “President’s Award” for exceptional service. In the military, Mara solidified her abilities to achieve top results in high pressure and time sensitive situations. In her spare time, Mara enjoys skiing, photography and writing.

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