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Nouvelle at Natick Auction Sells at Rock Bottom Prices

The auction of 43 luxury condos this past Sunday at Nouvelle at Natick was truly exceptional. Units sold for an average of $300/sf, that’s an average of 49 percent off the listed price! Some of the larger units sold with the highest discounts, some at a discount of a whopping 64 percent. After the auction, 12 additional “like kind” units sold at auction prices. In total, Nouvelle at Natick cleared more than $16m in gross sales on Sunday. Better yet, all available units at Nouvelle will be offered at auction prices for the next 30 days. That means you need to hurry in order to snag the best units because they are going fast. Call Bushari Group Real Estate to schedule a preview or inquire about final sales prices.

If you are looking for an amazing real estate steal in the heart of Boston, don’t miss the auction at The Bryant Back Bay next week where ten spectacular, luxurious homes will be on the auction block for one day only! Call us today to schedule a preview before it is too late.

One thought on “Nouvelle at Natick Auction Sells at Rock Bottom Prices

  1. right side of the river says:

    heard the condo fees are outrageous… more than $700 per month. also that property tax is levied on appraised value and not sale price. so maybe not such a good deal as it is being made out to be?

  2. Condo fees are definitely high, but not compared to other full-service buildings (24-hour concierge, gym, club room, theater, etc). In fact, many older buildings in Brookline and neighboring towns have $700+/mo fees on two-bedroom condos simply to build the reserves for building upkeep. No gym, pool, concierge….zilch. Property tax is always on assessed value (appraised and assessed values are quite different). That said, you can always request a tax abatement. I did this on my own home and the assessor dropped the assessed value by $50k. Thanks for writing!

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