December 31, 2012 Mara Bushari

So it’s late December, the holiday season is just about over and you and would like to put your home on the market. You would like these holiday memories to be the last ones you experience in this home before you move on to the next chapter in your life and start over fresh. You divided the lawn with Christmas lights a la glow to showcase a variety of multi-denominational ornaments to accommodate all your friends and neighbors, but now that we are rapidly approaching 2013, it’s time to make a few adjustments if you want to start boosting curb appeal to ensure a successful sale.

Why is it so much easier to sell a home in the Summertime? The answer seems pretty obvious. The Summer season has all kinds of appealing attributes. Lush greenery, flowers, grass, lemonade stands, people with no clothes on,  oh and you know, SUN.  Here in Boston we have such things as grey skies and depression. Since we didn’t exactly have a white Christmas in the city this year, we will in fact have a white New Year’s.  Keep in mind that even though the temperatures are low you can still make your  deck fully functional by leaving your patio furniture out with weatherproof cushions. You can decorate your patio furniture to match the interior as well if you’re into themes. This will help perspective buyers imagine what they can do with the space both in Winter and in Summer. This serves the same function as department store mannequins: You don’t always quite know how you can best make use of a clothing collection unless someone has displayed the articles on a mannequin for you to envision your next fabulous outfit. Sometimes people need a little encouragement with their imaginations.

These lovely luminaries just light up the home as the sun sets in the winter time

Highlight the home’s best architectural features with mood lighting if you are doing a showing after the sun has set, which you inevitably will. The ambiance of a fresh snowfall glowing on the tree branches as the sky turns a rich navy blue has only now graced Boston with its presence, (though that is subject to change by the end of this week I’m surmising) so if this should not last we must get creative.


Try using 10 inch candle style luminaries as a great way to create an inviting  illuminated entryway to your front door. If you have the time and enjoy expressing your artistic side, you can even go so far as to drill tiny holes in the shapes of desired patterns. Your walkway will light up beautifully, turning your home into a winter wonderland.  Please make sure your walkways and paths have been adequately cleared and salted as well. The last thing you want is any sort of hazard to be present as someone enters or exits. Also adding luminaries to the window ledges is a nice touch too.


Even though your grass might be frozen solid you can still add some colorful living accents to your yard. Just like flowers help  brighten a lawn in the Spring and Summer, certain trees  like spruce, hemlock and evergreen will do the same in the winter. Rocks, rubber mulch (holds up quite nicely if it should actually snow and still maintains its color) and holly bushes with their rich red berries are some other season appropriate additions. Even planting artificial poinsettias where you would otherwise have grown flowers is a wonderful addition to  any lawn. If you have a deck that you would like to showcase, these colorful plants can help play up any otherwise overlooked details.

Don’t forget: You also want to maintain your trees and lawn by removing excess branch scraps. You want to be  extra cognizant of the fact that  winter temperatures can bring on black ice in certain areas as well, so make sure you play it safe and take the proper precautionary measures. Also when dried evergreens come in contact with a heat source (candle flame) they can become flammable. Holly plant berries are poisonous so if you have pets and/or children, place these plants out of reach should you decide to use them.



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Mara Bushari

Mara is a creative thinker and strategic marketer. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University’s College of Communication and worked in international finance before joining The Bushari Team. Mara strives to exceed expectations. As Client Relations Specialist, she is a key facilitator in all team transactions, making the buying or selling process as stress-free as possible for the client. Mara learned many of her extraordinary organizational and problem-solving skills during her service in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she earned the “President’s Award” for exceptional service. In the military, Mara solidified her abilities to achieve top results in high pressure and time sensitive situations. In her spare time, Mara enjoys skiing, photography and writing.

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