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April 25, 2012
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April 25, 2012 Karin Sharav Zalkind

Boston design enthusiasts get ready for a new, fun & GREEN player joining our city’s line-up! On Thursday April 26, 2012 FLOR will be opening it’s first Boston storefront on 236 clarendon st.

The reason for my excitement lies deeper than a good quality product, that also happens to be design forward, and affordable (yes affordable). It stems out from the fact that good design can be green almost all the way. My acquaintance with FLOR happened  a few years ago while lying in bed with a minor flu, I had stumbled upon a TED talk by Ray Anderson the former founder and chairman of Interface, FLOR’s parent company. Needless to say I was FLORED, that talk had since changed my concept about green and sustainable design which for years was etched in my brain as: earth tone colors, bamboo, and a hard sell for clients as it almost always was more expensive than the “none sustainable” design products.

Anderson has in my view elevated the unsexy rug industry  to new heights. He has done so not just by quirky humor filled design, but also by upholding a “Zero Emission” philosophy in the company’s plants. Here is a product that starting with it’s production phase is sustainable and chic – the conscientious designer’s dream. Rug designs vary from grown-up, corporate appropriate looks to humor filled, playful & colorful rug tiles, that allow for easy transformations of any space. It is also a great and quick solution for pepping up your stain covered rugs.

Working with the company in the past has also been a joy (and no, I’m not getting paid to write this…). From the easy navigation on it’s website, that provides a layout tool which allows you to figure out how much rug you actually need, how it will look like, and how will your price be affected. To helpful sales persons, quick 1:1 samples sent out (and in line of keeping it green you will need to send any unwanted tile back), fast lead time on their products, and have I mentioned the EASY install?!

Now that the storefront is around the corner one only has to walk in and enjoy it’s rug tile selection hands on, rather than explore it though the browser.

Quick tip – mix and match textures and colors from different tile categories to get a unique and personalized look of your own


Karin Sharav Zalkind

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