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High gas prices make city living more attractive.

Many suburban buyers think Boston’s price-per-square foot ratios are outrageous. However, snug city-dwellers look at spralling suburbanites as gas-guzzeling time-wasters. Bostonians would rather spend their cash on swanky South End restaurants than burn it on fuel for a 30 minute commute. Smaller digs also cost less to heat and maintain than their McMansion counterparts. As gas prices continue to rise, many home buyers are now considering gas and oil costs in their monthly payment along with the usual suspects of mortgage, insurance and association fees. Although the price-per-square-foot of Boston real estate may be signifianctly higher than out in the ‘burbs, the actually cost of living may not be. When considering your next home, review commuting, heating and cooling costs to help you get a better idea of your actual monthly bill. For help breaking down the cost of a Boston condo or loft, give us a call.

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  1. I enjoy following your blog! The Bend Oregon real estate market continues to slow. It looks like a good time to buy in your market.

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