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Further Progress on Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ New Fan Pier Location

Back in April, we announced the plans for a large construction project in the Fan Pier area. Today, construction continues on the South Boston waterfront site, the future home of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The figures released yesterday stated that about 2500 cubic yards of concrete were poured 42-feet below the surface to start the first of five concrete placements that will build the 18 story, 1.1 million sq-ft building.

The site would join the displaced company, which currently occupies ten different locations near Central Square in Cambridge. It is estimated that that the move would not occur until late 2013 or early 2014.

Check out pictures of the first concrete pour below:


The large-scale operation begins.


Depositing 2500 cubic feet of concrete-slowly but surely.

All with the care and precision you can get at 42 feet below the surface.

One layer done, 5 more pours to go!

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