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Flipping Houses is Tough During Hard Times, Try Renting Instead

Housing is considered a liquid asset, which means, if you needed money badly, you could sell your house and get money in exchange. However, many families and investors are learning this tip may not always ring true. According to a story in CNN Money, many homeowners and investors are steering clear of buying new houses and are instead looking to the rental market. For investors, the returns are as immediate as soon as the lease and deposit checks are given. As for homeowners, it may afford reprieve from the drastically changing market place.

In some areas, rents have jumped almost 25% in the past few years. As for Boston, the rates have remained steadily increasing as with other metropolitan areas. The article doesn’t dole out too much advice, but the appeal for renting has certainly increased. We provide a large selection of rentals should you be in the market for a new place to call home.


You can find the full story on CNN Money.

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