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Condos and Homes Sales are Increasing Across Boston

It’s a sight for a sore local economy: real estate is on the move. According to recent figures released by the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, there have been two consecutive months of higher sales. The statistics comes on the heels of news regarding the ever-dropping Federal interest rate and skyrocketing rental rates.

Sales of both condos and single-family homes rose in July and August. Condos made the biggest leap in improvement, as they increased by over 10% each month. The improvement is almost 13% better than the same time last year. Single-family homes fared well, but with a steadier pace at a little over 1%. However, this is a dramatic improvement from last year’s numbers which trailed behind almost 14% recent figures.

As homes and condos are quickly getting snapped up, there has never been a better time to start buying into a market. Our information isalways up-to-date on our site, and our luxury listings keep track of the latest properties ready to go across the greater Boston area.

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