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Boston is Leading the Nation’s Economy

Always one of the leading cities in America, it seems that Boston is keeping up with better times. According to “The Boston Courant,” our local GDP increased last fiscal year by 4.8%. Although it may not sound like much, that percent value made Boston the nation’s leading metro area over New York and Los Angeles. Our total GDP is estimated to be about $313.7 Billion, the ninth-largest among other large metropolitan areas. Our results are from the August 2010-August 2011 time frame, so many results have yet to be calculated.¬†Information regard city-specific numbers will take about another year to factor.


We do know that the Boston area created another 4, 347 jobs and have reduced the unemployment rate a little over 1%. The residents of the Commonwealth aren’t doing so badly either, with the per capita rank of 13th in the nation. Our New England region was second only behind the Mid-Atlantic in terms of GDP growth over the same period.

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