November 5, 2008 Elad Bushari

Those of you who read blogs regularly might be interested to learn that blogs, such as the Boston Real Estate Blog, have become influential sources of information for consumers. A study by BuzzLogic, a social media analysis company, finds that monthly readership of blogs has skyrocketed 300 percent since 2004, and about half of blog readers find the sites useful for product information. In fact, blogs have swayed more purchase decisions among their readers than social networks. For those who found blog content to be useful for product decisions, more than half (56 percent) said blogs with a niche focus and topical expertise were key sources.

Nearly one-third of readers (31 percent) said blogs were useful for researching technology products, followed by media and entertainment (15 percent), games, toys and sporting goods (14 percent), travel (12 percent), automotive (11 percent) and health (10 percent).

Ads that appear on real estate blogs are just as influential as the blog content. One-fourth (25 percent) of the readers surveyed said they trust the ads on the blogs they read while only 19 percent said they trusted ads on social networking sites. Forty percent of blog readers have taken some action as a result of viewing an ad on a blog. Those activities include reading product reviews online (17 percent), seeking more information about a product or service (16 percent) and visiting a manufacturer or retailer Web site (16 percent).

Elad Bushari

Elad Bushari is the Broker / Owner of Bushari Group Real Estate and a National "30 Under 30" Honoree by REALTOR Magazine in 2009.

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