NOW OPEN: Proto Luxury Apartments in Kendall Square

Wrapping up construction earlier this month, Proto apartments in Kendall Square have officially opened their doors. The 22-story mixed-use tower delivers 280 stunning apartment residences to the vibrant Kendall Square neighborhood of Cambridge.

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Roundup: 6 MUST-SEE Residential Pools in Boston

It finally feels like summer around Boston, and city residents have been on the search for places to cool off throughout the city.

While public pools and beaches can certainly get the job done, there’s nothing quite like going for a swim in your private pool.

We’ve rounded up a number of homes with residential pools that are currently on the market, so take a dip or be left on the Beach Bus!

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[Report] Boston Ranked #2 Hottest Housing Market in May

A recent publication by ranked U.S. city housing markets on a “hotness” scale – taking into account housing market supply and demand by number of listing views. Boston has secured a top position as the nation’s #2 hottest housing market for May 2018.

While Californian cities have occupied several top positions in past months, the May rankings are better distributed, with Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, Colorado, Indiana, Wisconsin and Washington represented in the list. California had dominated the national market list in April 2018, with San Francisco, Vallejo, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Stockton and Sacramento all holding high positions.

In the website’s May publication, director of economic research at, Javier Vivas, commented on California’s representation. “The California housing market has been hot for a long time – but maybe too hot. Our May hotness index further confirms we’re seeing that as prices in California continue to soar, people are increasingly looking elsewhere. As we continue into what we expect to be the hottest home-buying season in history, look for a wide variety of locales to remain red-hot.”

In the city’s ranking of median age of inventory, Boston was tied with Midland, Texas at 28 days.

The ranking is based on listing views by market, an indicator of demand, and median days on market, an indicator of supply.’s May 2018 Hotness Rankings

May 2018 Rank U.S. City May Median Age of Inventory April Rank April Median Age of Inventory
1 Midland, Texas 28 days 1 30 days
2 Boston-Cambridge-Newton, Mass.-N.H. 28 days 2 30 days
3 San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, Calif. 22 days 3 24 days
4 Columbus, Ohio 31 days 4 32 days
5 Vallejo-Fairfield, Calif. 31 days 5 30 days
6 Boise City, Idaho 31 days 11 34 days
7 Stockton-Lodi, Calif 30 days 8 32 days
8 Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, N.Y. 33 days 17 41 days
9 Grand Rapids-Wyoming, Mich. 31 days 25 39 days
10 Fort Wayne, Ind. 35 days 30 47 days
11 Colorado Springs, Colo. 30 days 6 30 days
12 Sacramento—Roseville—Arden-Arcade, Calif. 31 days 7 33 days
13 Worcester, Mass.-Conn. 34 days 21 40 days
14 Rochester, N.Y. 37 days 14 38 days
15 Ann Arbor, Mich. 32 days 9 36 days
16 Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, Mich. 37 days 16 40 days
17 Odessa, Texas 34 days 15 37 days
18 Spokane-Spokane Valley, Wash. 33 days 13 34 days
19 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas 37 days 19 38 days
20 Racine, Wis. 39 days 12 38 days

Last year, researchers found that new homebuilding was the single best predictor of increases in home inventory in the U.S. With a wealth of residential developments on the rise in the city, Boston’s 2018 homebuilding forecast is looking bright.

Click below for a link to Boston’s Development #CraneWatch – featuring proposed, approved and constructed developments throughout the city:

VITA JP – 82 Luxury Condominiums Under Construction in Jamaica Plain

Now under construction, VITA JP will deliver 82 luxury condominium units to a bustling Washington Street corner in Jamaica Plain.

With construction completing next summer, VITA is becoming one of the hottest developments hitting the JP neighborhood.

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5 Benefits of Selling & Buying Your Home Off-Market

While Boston citywide inventory has increased steadily since 2014, general inventory has been historically tight. One major factor is that thousands of properties in the city are being sold each month without being listed on MLS, Zillow or Redfin.

While these sorts of off-market deals were once used solely for prestigious high-end properties, they are becoming more popular with buyers and sellers who recognize their advantages.

Privacy: Keep Your Home out of the Spotlight

In this age of growing concerns over privacy, many sellers want to avoid sharing their home’s sale price and photos. Sometimes the house is in disorder or the sellers don’t want the public to know that they are moving.

The main advantage for a seller in keeping their home off-market is anonymity. You may notice that you rarely come across homes being sold by famous celebrities. Most of these deals are being completed off-market so that their information does not get publicized.

Time: Avoid the Hassle of Time in Home Preparation

One thing that there never seems to be enough of in the real estate world is time. Sellers are expecting a fast and easy close while buyers rush to close on a home amid other offers.

While off-market properties typically receive fewer showings, they also receive more serious buyers.

This cuts down on the number of showings sellers have to deal with and the times that they need to get their home prepared at the last second prior to an unannounced showing.

Homeowners are not typically in a rush to sell, and because competition is relatively lower, buyers can get the time to look over the property at the seller’s convenience. And without time pressure, both parties can feel more relaxed at the negotiating table.

71 Eastern Point Boulevard | Gloucester – Off-Market Listing by The Bushari Team

Control: Sell Your Home on Your Terms

When there are few homes on the market but a wealth of buyers, a seller can be more selective and choose to avoid going public with their home sale.

In an off-market sale, sellers can choose who can see their home and when it’s available. If they want to avoid having their neighbors know they’re selling or avoid having their house sitting on the market for months, an off-market sale may be their best bet.

Test the Waters: Evaluate Salability and Gain a Buzz Before Going on the Market

Sellers can get an idea of their home’s marketability and see how the local market views their home and proposed price.

If a seller doesn’t receive a great offer while the property is listed off-market, they haven’t necessarily lost anything. If the home has been listed off-market for some time and there haven’t been any offers, perhaps it would be best to lower the price before it’s listed on MLS.

Buyers Get a Competitive Edge

When a buyer is putting an offer on a home, they are up against several other prospective buyers. Buyers that put in an offer on an off-market property are rarely up against the same numbers of buyers.

Buying off-market can significantly reduce the stress of getting your offer accepted.

Whether you’re a seller looking for a private transaction or a buyer interested in gaining a competitive edge, The Bushari Team is well-versed in sourcing and structuring off-market deals.

Reach out to us to get your off-market home buying/selling process started.

Luxury Raffles Hotel & Condos to Open in Boston’s Back Bay

AccorHotels, operators of the Singapore-based Raffles hotel, has announced the signing of definitive agreements to debut the first mixed-use luxury Raffles property in North America.

Scheduled to open in 2021, the new Raffles Hotel & Residences will be a welcoming oasis of redefined elegance in Boston’s vibrant Back Bay neighborhood.

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Walter Pawlowski Joins The Bushari Team

We’re thrilled to announce Walter Pawlowski as the newest sales agent on The Bushari Team.

Walter joins us as a veteran at Bushari Real Estate, where he exhibited strong mediation and negotiation strategies through his thorough background in real estate law.

Hailing from the South Shore, Walter gained a passion for real estate at a young age, frequently visiting construction sites with his father, who was a general contractor for over two decades. Walter graduated from Suffolk University Law School and takes to heart the core values of being an attorney, acting as a trusted advisor to his clients and acting in their best interests at all times.

His work in property law grants him a comprehensive understanding of financing, investing and negotiating that leaves him uniquely prepared to assist his clients in their transitions.

Walter currently resides in Charlestown, where he enjoy its distinctive history, local restaurants and vibrant social culture. When Walter isn’t concentrating on his clients, he likes to remain active and enjoys golfing and playing basketball.

We sat down with Walter to hear what he’s most looking forward to as a part of The Bushari Team.

  • Q: How do you feel being back with The Busharis?
  • Walter: I couldn’t be more excited. I’m happy to be part of a team with people that inspire and motivate me to continue improving as a real estate expert. The Busharis have always emphasized a strong ethical foundation when conducting business which aligns with my principles as an attorney. They are always looking toward the future, which is important in the ever-evolving Boston market. I couldn’t be happier to be working with a group of individuals that makes this job worthwhile.


  • Q: How do you think your background in law informs your work as a residential sales and leasing specialist?
  • Walter: My legal experience with real estate contracts, title, closings, and litigation gives me an advantage in negotiating for my clients. I know how to obtain the best deal while protecting my clients from any possible legal issues.


  • Q: How do you think you will benefit from the Compass platform and its features?
  • Walter: It’s exciting to join a company who has goals to change the real estate industry on a global scale. Utilizing Compass’s technology-driven platform will allow me to use my time my proactively so that I can dedicate more to my clients’ needs.


  • Q: What are you most excited about in your professional career?
  • Walter: I’m looking forward to learning and growing as a real estate professional. Being back with The Bushari Team will allow me to pursue my goals of becoming an expert on the many aspects of real estate. I’m excited to be involved in the fast-paced Boston market once again, and helping people find the perfect home in the city that I grew up in and love dearly. Learning from Mara and Elad has been an engaging experience, as they’ve built a reputation that has taken Boston by storm.


Get to know Walter and the rest of The Bushari Team at