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Bushari Welcomes Matthew Adams


Bushari is happy to introduce Matthew Adams as the newest member of our team!

Matthew has been a Boston resident for more than seven years and has developed a passion for the city that he enjoys sharing with his clients. With a strong background in merchandising, Matthew’s keen eye and attention to detail have made him a successful agent in the Boston real estate market.

Matthew grew up in Pittsburgh and pursued a career as an Interior Designer. Upon moving to Boston, he decided to make the transition to real estate, where he could combine his design skills with his passion for helping people.

Matthew currently resides in Boston’s South End. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking, entertaining and staying active.


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Bushari Welcomes Victoria Dodd


Bushari is happy to introduce the newest member of our team, Victoria Dodd!

Victoria (Tori) is an enthusiastic real estate professional who brings a positive attitude and the highest level of commitment to the table, with the goal of making each transaction smooth and enjoyable for her clients.

Originally from the Midwest, Tori has a fresh and unique perspective on the Boston real estate market. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a major in Social Work and Criminal Justice. During her time in college, she worked in the customer service and hospitality industries where she learned how to relate to people with a wide range of personalities and decided to apply her skills by pursuing a career in real estate. Having grown up with parents in the real estate industry, Tori always had a passion for it and it was a natural fit for her.

Tori currently lives in Boston and enjoys running, biking and reading in her spare time.

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These Residential Towers are Set to Give Boston’s Skyline a Facelift

For decades, the Boston skyline has remained more or less unchanged, predominantly occupied by high-rise office buildings. Over the course of the next several years, however, this will be changing as a slate of new residential towers edge towards completion. From the gleaming facade of the luxurious 60-story Millennium Tower to the gorgeous renderings of the new Four Seasons Hotel/Residences at One Dalton, it’s time to finally get excited about the interminable construction around the city.

See below for our chart detailing how the prospective towers will compare in size to the rest of Boston’s tallest buildings, as well as a map of where these new sites will be located.


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Bushari Welcomes Christopher Pirro


Bushari Real Estate is excited to introduce Christopher Pirro as the newest member of our team!

Christopher Pirro is a Massachusetts native who has lived in the city of Boston for over 18 years. He brings a diverse, well-rounded set of skills to the table that have helped him succeed in the Boston real estate market and is committed to providing his clients with the highest-quality of service.

Prior to his real estate career, Christopher spent time in construction and hospitality before eventually starting his own business in each of those industries. Looking for a way to combine his passion for building with his talent for customer service, he made the decision to become a real estate professional and hasn’t looked back since. With a well-earned reputation as a hard-working and dedicated agent, Christopher always puts his clients first. His integrity, responsiveness and knowledge of the area make him a valuable resource to anyone with Boston real estate needs.

In his spare time, Christopher enjoys traveling, cooking, playing guitar and spending time with his two dogs, Tony and Burt.

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Bushari Welcomes Robert Collins


Bushari is happy to introduce our newest team member, Robert Collins! Robert is a multi-faceted real estate professional with a strong background in sales marketing and business management. His knowledge and unique skill set make him an asset to those who work with him.

Having spent a lot of time around commercial real estate, Robert decided to pursue a career in the industry, with a focus on the Boston residential market. Having grown up around the city, he was always fascinated by its unique architecture and all of the little details that it has to offer. He has an intrinsic knowledge of the area that he passes onto his clients, helping them find their perfect homes.

Robert currently lives in North Cambridge and is an avid art collector. He is a member of the Young Collectors Council and Photo Committee at the Guggenheim in New York City, as well as a member of the Founders Circle at the ICA.

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Download our 2016 First Quarter Boston Real Estate Market Report


2016 Q1 Market Report Cover


free-download---2015annualmarketreportWith the first quarter of 2016 now behind us, it’s a great time to check in on the Boston Real Estate Market. As predicted, the market has continued heating up! Sales are up 8% over last year and the average selling price of a home in Boston increased by 12%.

If you are a homeowner curious about the value of your home or someone looking to make a move to the city, our 2016 Q1 Boston Real Estate Market Report will be a valuable resource to you.

For your convenience, the report is broken down by neighborhood. If you follow the links and save the PDF to your computer, you may quickly access any neighborhood via the hyper-linked Contents page.

download your free report

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Bushari Welcomes Walter Pawlowski


Bushari Real Estate is happy to introduce Walter Pawlowski as the newest member of our team!

Walter is a real estate professional who uses his dedication, responsiveness, and positive attitude to ensure that the needs of his clients come first. He is prepared to go above and beyond when delivering services to his clients and is eager to take on any challenge.

Hailing from the South Shore, Walter gained a passion for real estate at a young age, frequently visiting construction sites with his father, who was a general contractor for over two decades. Walter graduated from Suffolk University Law School and takes to heart the core values of being an attorney, acting as a trusted advisor to his clients and acting in their best interests at all times.

Walter currently resides in the up-and-coming Mission Hill and has enjoyed watching the neighborhood’s transformation. When Walter isn’t concentrating on his clients, he likes to remain active and enjoys playing basketball and golf.

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Bushari Welcomes Jerome McBride



Bushari Real Estate is happy to welcome Jerome McBride to the team!

Jerome is a Boston real estate professional who has flourished upon his interminable commitment and effort, ensuring the best interest of the client’s aspiration is executed down to the smallest component. Jerome believes in building relationships based on trust and fidelity.

Jerome was born in Honolulu and raised on the South Shore of Boston. Prior to his career in real estate, he worked as a personal trainer, helping his clients reach their ultimate mental and physical goals. His diligence, competitive spirit and ability to remain patient and understanding of his clients’ needs have helped him successfully transition into Boston’s exciting real estate industry. He has spent the past two years working with buyers and sellers, persistently working to surpass his clients’ expectations.

Jerome currently resides in the Back Bay with his wife Melissa and his two children, Elijah and Sadie

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Elad Bushari Named Chair of GBAR’s Professional Standards Committee

Elad Bushari, co-founder of of Bushari Real Estate, is honored to be appointed as the 2016 Chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS. Elad served as the Vice Chair of the Professional Standards Committee in 2015 and as Chair and Vice Chair of the Grievance Committee in prior years.

The Professional Standards Committee impanels ethics and arbitration hearings with experienced, well-trained members, and provides fair, ethical and consistent decisions. The committee is also tasked with implementing and assessing performance of the associations mediation and ombudsmen programs to ensure timely processing of professional standards cases.

Elad looks forward to serving the Greater Boston Association in this broadened capacity.